Winsome Pinnock’s Leave Taking a reminder that change is yet to come?

By JC Niala It is often said that the power of theatre lies in the fact that the audiences and the actors breathe the same air. In this way, it emphasizes our common humanity but also calls to attention things that society finds uncomfortable to face. This was certainly the case in the revival performance … More Winsome Pinnock’s Leave Taking a reminder that change is yet to come?


The Irish Herstory Movement is thrilled to partner with St. Hilda’s Feminist Salon for this special ‘Women in Oxford’s History’ Salon on the 20th January, the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration, which also marks the launch anniversary of the Herstory Salon series at Trinity College Dublin in 2017. INSPIRED BY A LOCAL LEGEND This … More Herstory

Perfect Me!

By Heather Widdows My new book, Perfect Me! Beauty as an Ethical Ideal, is currently in press with Princeton UP. The salon will draw on my arguments in this book and my personal experience of beauty for a wide-ranging conversation. In Perfect Me! I argue that the beauty ideal is changing. Beauty is becoming more … More Perfect Me!

To See and Reflect the Potential of Girls

    By Fatou Wurie  “We will break cycles of violence, violation and mis-education for knowledge and forgiveness know a different kind of love”. This is a line from a poem I wrote about eight years ago in the attempt to grasp the responsibility that comes with privilege.  This inward-looking approach, through prose and poetry, … More To See and Reflect the Potential of Girls

Why Settlers Need Indigenous Theory

By Karen McCallum Lisa Monchalin’s book The Colonial Problem: An Indigenous Perspective on Crime and Injustice in Canada is a great place to start learning about indigenous theory. As discussant for her upcoming salon, I wanted to share a few thoughts about why non-Indigenous peoples need Indigenous theory. Recently, I received an email from Vanessa Watts, Director of the … More Why Settlers Need Indigenous Theory

Disabled PhD Students of the World Unite, Unite and Take Over

  By Zara Bain A familiar refrain to the disabled PhD student is that a “PhD is stressful”. This is said as if to point out something the disabled PhD student doesn’t know. Any PhD student knows this. Any PhD student who, on top of the standard demands of the PhD, must navigate the tricky … More Disabled PhD Students of the World Unite, Unite and Take Over

The Vital Work of Pragna Patel

By Hamsa Rajan Since the 1970s, domestic violence has received a lot of attention from activists, charities, policy makers, and journalists. Huge strides have been made in raising awareness and providing services for survivors. But responses to this issue largely derive from mainstream and Western cultural understandings of marriage and family. Policy makers are frequently … More The Vital Work of Pragna Patel

Shaking up Academia

The St Hilda’s Feminist Salon founder on why she set it up. Feminism is not only about theory. Feminist artists, musicians, poets, playwrights, novelists, journalists, activists, campaigners and everyday resistors all produce knowledge about what feminism is and how it should be practiced. In academia, we tend to stick to our little silos, instead of … More Shaking up Academia